Again, it’s been awhile! Digital Art

Hi all not really into painting normally these days more into creating iPad art. Please visit my blog and follow.


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It’s been awhile 

My biggest commission in awhile happened this summer and one of my photography pieces was shown at The Louvre, in Paris in a digital exhibit in July. 

I got a very cool case for my phone. That features one of my own art pieces.   

Lots more has happen but they’ve been the coolest. 

National Award from CNCF: Bronze Creativity in the Arts

18th of February 2012

Roof top of Grand Cayman Beach Suites

It was off the hook! Lovely evening with a sit down meal and great friends, including my mom. So thankful to have been nominated for the award and actually receive it. Wonderful experience. Like another person said we do what we do not to receive an award but because its our passion in life however it is so nice to be recognised for it.

I do have to say that my art is a far cry from what some longs to see. For me art is not what I express my inner most dark feels in true some artists do or should in some opinion, rather  it’s where I go to escape into. I don’t think one form is better than the other. For instance some artists have a lot of anger toward ‘the world’ while others like me aren’t like that so don’t project that. Most my friends talk a lot while I’m more silent in nature, while one is more social than the other don’t mean one should change either way 😉 I like my talkative friends but I am not like them, much like, I like Vincent Van Gogh but don’t see colors like he did.

I’m grateful that most people do like my type of art true I don’t do it for them but for myself to escape into a landscape is another way I ‘travel’ and those that know me know I like to travel.